The London Clinical Senate was established in 2010 and has become an important forum for discussing issues that are key to the development of London’s health services.

In the new commissioning system the Clinical Senate has an increasingly important role to play as a multi professional advisory body, which brings together a broad range of health and social care professionals with patients and carers.

The role of the Clinical Senate

The London Clinical Senate supports development of London’s health services and the delivery of safe, sustainable, high quality and cost effective care, by providing independent, strategic advice to commissioners, supporting them to make the best decisions about health care for the populations they serve.

The Clinical Senate is not focused on a particular condition or patient group and takes a broader view of the totality of healthcare in London. It gives a whole systems perspective to the issues at hand, with advice that is evidence based and impartial, to create optimal health services and improve quality and outcomes across London.

The London Clinical Senate is one of twelve Clinical Senates in England.


The Clinical Senate is comprised of the London Senate Forum and the London Senate Council, along with patient and public views.

Senate Council

The Clinical Senate Council is a small, multi-professional group which provides overall leadership for the Senate Forum and is responsible for coordinating the Senate’s business and the provision of advice.

Senate Council
Senate Forum

The Clinical Senate Forum is a broad and diverse multi-professional group of senior health professionals, and includes patients, public health, social care and other bodies.

Senate Forum
Patient and Public Voice (PPV) Group

The 15 members of the Patient and Public Voice Group support the work of the Clinical Senate, broadly representing patients and carers using London’s health services.

PPV Group