Senate Forum Meeting

Senate Forum April 2015: Transforming Cancer Services

The London Clinical Senate Forum met on 23 April 2015 to discuss London’s Cancer Services. The aims were:
1. To increase awareness of the objectives, priorities and plans for transforming London’s’ cancer services and improving outcomes.
2. To debate potential solutions to challenges in transforming care, in particular diagnostic capacity, the hospital/general practice interface and alignment with plans for transforming primary care
3. To share the new models of care, consider their potential impact and broader applicability beyond the cancer pathways

April 2015 Senate Forum – Agenda

The following presentations were given to the Forum:

Transforming Cancer Services Programme

Session 1 – Early Detection and Awareness
Earlier diagnosis – the Cancer Awareness Measure (CAM)
Enabling earlier dignosis – a model of education for primary care
Cancer Diagnostic Centres – The Danish Model
London Endoscopy Strategy

Session 2 – Living with and beyond cancer
Chris Lewis introduction slide 1
Cancer as a long term condition
Recovery Package and stratified pathways
Patient perspective on supported self management

Session 3 – Models to improve pathways and quality of hospital services
Implementing a Quality Assurance and Informatics Strategy
Working together to improve cancer pathwaysa nd support care in the community (London Cancer)