Senate Forum Meeting

Senate Forum July 2015: Transforming urgent and emergency care – ensuring leadership and impact

The London Clinical Senate Forum met on 9 July 2015 to discuss London’s Urgent & Emergency Care Services. There were several issues on which the Clinical Senate’s advice was sought:
•The establishment of Urgent and Emergency Care Networks
•Specifications for facilities within urgent and emergency care networks
•The whole system transformation vision for the future urgent and emergency care system and how different strands of transformation will knit together
•Embedding the London quality standards within the urgent and emergency care system
•The quality outcomes that a future urgent and emergency care system should seek to deliver and how these should be measured

July 2015 Senate Forum – Agenda

The following presentations were given to the Forum:

The national perspective – Professor Keith Willett, Director for Acute Episodes of Care, NHS England

Transformation of London’s urgent and emergency care system – Dr Andy Mitchell, Joint SRO, Urgent and Emergency Care Transformation Programme

UEC facilities and system specification – Dr Marilyn Plant, Chair, Urgent and Emergency Care Clinical Expert Group

Transformation across the system (children’s asthma case study) – Dr Andy Bush, Paediatric Respiratory Consultant, Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust; Nickola Rickard, Asthma Kite Mark Project Nurse, Islington Schools; Dr David Finch, Medical Director, North West London

Emerging indicators for an urgent and emergency care system – Dr Simon Eccles, Co-Clinical Director, London Urgent and Emergency Care Leadership Group