Senate Forum Meeting

Clinical Senate Forum 29 October 2015: Delivering high value healthcare in London

The October 2015 Senate Forum considered the issue of Delivering high value healthcare in London. The Programme and Presentations are below.

Programme2015 10 29 Clinical Senate Forum Agenda
Caroline Clarke Making Best Possible Value Decisions
Guy Gross Reducing Variation in Management of Long-Term Conditions in Primary Care
Celia Ingham Clark Improving value in elective care pathways
Nigel Fisher Getting it Right First Time in Primary Care
Link to online version of Getting it Right First Time in Primary care

The meeting invite, below, set out the key issues and asked attendees to consider four points to inform discussions.

There is no need to rehearse the financial challenges we are facing across our health and care system. Clinicians, patients and members of the public are all very aware of them and we know it is likely to get tougher. As clinical leaders our focus is on ensuring that quality, safety and patient outcomes are maintained and that every opportunity continues to be taken to drive improvements. In this environment we need to deliver better outcomes at lower cost, in other words we need to increase the value that we get from the resources that we have. This is not a new concept and there is a wealth of literature that identifies areas of opportunity for value improvement and many examples of better value being achieved, including in London, often underpinned by changes in clinical practice. To ensure sustainability, London’s health and care system needs a renewed focus on delivering high value health care. This meeting of the Clinical Senate Forum will consider how we can do this.

As noted previously the main part of the meeting will start by considering what value really means and exploring opportunities to improve value of healthcare. Caroline Clarke, Chief Finance Officer and Deputy Chief Executive at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust will share work on defining value which aims to improve understanding of how to make better value based decisions. This is part of a national programme called Future Focused Finance, which, working with clinical and patient groups, is considering how to set a financial strategy across the health system and how to ensure teams are properly equipped to understand and add value. Guy Gross, Innovation Delivery Lead at Imperial College Health Partners, will share work being developed by all three London AHSNs and the London Office of CCGs to improve value by reducing unnecessary variation in the management of long-term conditions throughout primary and community care across London in order to raise minimum levels of care and improve outcomes.

We are very pleased to welcome back Celia Ingham Clark, Director for Reducing Premature Mortality, NHS England, who will discuss opportunities to improve value in the way we deliver elective care. Nigel Fisher, a GP in North Hampshire CCG, will share an approach to support patients in making decisions about knee surgery based on that outcomes (value) that are most important to them. We will also be hearing Forum members’ views on improving value and other examples through a multi-professional and patient panel discussion and there will be plenty of opportunity for table discussions,  plenary debate and networking.

Please do think about these points, and discuss with colleagues, ahead of the meeting:

  1. What would achieve the greatest value improvement in your clinical area, organisations, networks?
  2. Have you introduced a change that is delivering better value which could be scaled up and/or replicated elsewhere?
  3. Are we using our collective knowledge and expertise about improving value to best effect and if not, what do we need to do about it?
  4. Are there initiatives happening elsewhere that we need to learn from?