Senate Forum Meeting

Clinical Senate Forum 7 July 2016: Delivering 7 Day Services

This Clinical Senate Forum focussed on delivering 7 Day Services, looked at the need behind the proposed changes and the programmes in place to deliver the benefits we are seeking.

The agenda for the day can be downloaded here

The recent 7 Day Services hospital baseline survey has highlighted the complexities of the huge task placed upon the NHS to deliver a healthcare service that ensures patients receive consistently high quality and safe clinical care every day of the week. This will involve making some far reaching changes in hospital care, general practice and community based services including urgent care, local authorities and mental health.

As clinicians working across the health and care system, we will be expected to deliver patient focused, effective and sustainable 7 Day Services. But what does this look like from a patients’ and carers’ point of view? We invited patients and carers to share their experiences of healthcare services throughout the week, the challenges they have faced and hear how clinical teams across the system have been responding.

The early focus of this initiative in London has been on the approach that the ‘North West London Early Implementers’ are taking to deliver 4 priority clinical standards, ensuring patients admitted to hospital in an emergency will receive the same quality of assessment, diagnosis, treatment and review on any day of the week. Clinical teams will describe how a greater impact is being achieved by taking a sector wide approach involving system partners, trusts, GPs and local authorities, to develop solutions such as (i) discharge (one solution across boroughs), (ii) a weekend radiology service and (iii) engaging clinicians using Clinical Implementation Groups.

We sought views on developing these approaches for wider rollout across London. We also took the opportunity to discuss how outcome metrics, most appropriate to patients and clinicians, could be developed and considered alternative approaches that could be used to enhance these measures.

The meeting helped to set the scene for wider development of 7 Day Services across London, including the size of the task ahead, listened to what is important to patients, carers and clinicians and discussed key issues with those already involved and those soon to be involved in the programme rollout. This was an important opportunity to consider how we can collectively deliver improvements in 7 Day Services for Londoners.

The slides from the day can be accessed here 7 Day Services – slide pack and a summary report of the event is also available Summary report July 2016