Patient & Public Voice

John Norton

In a number of capacities, John Norton has been representing the patient and public voice in North West London since 2012 and is keen to widen his area of involvement.

After two years Military Service, John has a background as a City Solicitor with his Family Firm, Norton, Rose, and as a Merchant Banker with Hambros Bank. Although now concentrating on voluntary work in health and social care, he still works as an Independent Trustee of Occupational Pension Schemes. In 2006, he gained a Masters in Political Philosophy from the Open University. He is also a Past Prime Warden of the Fishmongers’ Company and still active on their Court.

In 2012, John was invited to join the User Group of a pilot in integrated care and then became a patient representative in co-producing with healthcare professionals the NW London Whole Systems Integrated Care Toolkit. He then joined and remains a member of the NWL Lay Advisory Group which works closely with the CCGs on integration and many other issues.

Nearly four years ago Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust formed a Strategic Lay Forum of which John became a member. The Forum works closely with senior staff of the Trust on all important plans and innovations bringing the patient and public voice to bear. He is a lay member of the Trust’s Safety Improvement Group and a Group working with Imperial College to revise the student curriculum takeing into account patient-centred issues.

John is also a lay member of the NWL Digital Strategy, Information Governance and Health and Care Information Exchange Boards, the latter record database designed to give patients more access and control over their records.

In recent years, John has become much involved in bringing the patient voice into both medical research and education. He is a member of the Research Partners Group of Imperial College’s Patient Safety Translational Research Centre and of the Management Board of the newly launched Applied Research Collaboration as well as in one of its themes, Multi-morbidities and frailty. He is a lay member on three Section Councils of the Royal Society of Medicine and becoming accustomed to speaking on behalf of the patient and public at events.